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Free Garden Project

Live Free at your Garden
1 - Get Free Garden for 3 years
- by building stone fence around your garden.
2 - Become General Volunteer & get your free garden lease!

$150.00 yearly membership is required for all members.

Special People Come Here - You are one of them!
by Artists 4 Humanity - charity managements, managed by Jola LLC, marketing by Silesia Group Inc.
Volunteers - Live Free in your garden:
Enjoy free living for Volunteers work in Gardens Oasis.

Current openings for volunteer work:

General Volunteer - general help - 5-10 hours a week - you get to choose your garden of 25x50 ft.
Chief Surveyor (1) You survey our gardens according to our gardens oasis map. You mark every garden and check gardens lines. Easy and fun job.
You choose any garden for free living - 50x100 ft. You get paid $20.00 per each garden and public square.
Manager of Gardens Section (12. There are 24 sections - (gardens within area of roads).
You you are the boss in your section and you manage everything in your section. Average each section has 12 gardens.
You choose your own section to manage and you choose your own free garden in your section for free living - 50x50 ft.
Manager of Sections with Public Square - (12) .
There are 12 sections with public squares.
You choose your own section to manage and you choose your own free garden in your section for free living - 50x100 ft.
Roads Manager (1) - checks on all roads and makes sure they are well maintained. You get to choose any available garden of 50x100 ft
General Manager (1) - manages Gardens Oasis - you get to choose any available garden of 50x100 for living plus compensation based on 10% of total leased gardens during your work as general manager.
Events Planing Manager
(1) - Bike Raleigh, Concerts, International Auto Rides, Weekend Concerts are all the responsibility of event manager. You get to choose any  available garden of 50x100 ft plus 50% of net income from all events.
If you can not perform any longer your your volunteer work, you can enjoy your free living for the next 6 months. After 6 months you become none volunteer member with monthly payments according to the size of your garden.

Dome City
Gardens Oasis Great Dome City - we help you to build your own.
Build Dome Home - get the best energy for your place - feel good, live well in dome home.

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