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World Wide Gliding Center
Free Landing Strip for Power Para Gliding
Come to fly for free.

at Desert Gardens Oasis - Lobo, Texas

Flying a paramotor is the most life-changing, adrenaline-pumping, and breathtaking experiences you will ever have. To be able to set up, launch, land, and put everything away in only 4 minutes changes everything. You can simply go fly, anytime, anywhere you want. There is nothing stopping you. Fly Before work, on your lunch break, anywhere, anytime with the world's leading PPG equipment from Flat Top Paramotors. Flat Top Paramotors Innovative design maximizes your safety, ease of use, and performance making it easier and more fun than ever to go flying. From the safest paramotor to the safest paraglider Flat Top Paramotors makes flying a safe and fun experience.
Contact - texting 727-945-3087
Come to fly Power Motor Gliders, Wing Gliding and much more

3 day vacation $150.00 - includes Camping and RV space.
You get to try wing gliding, power para gliding and general information leading to learning motor power para gliding.
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3 day Power Para Gliding Vacation  $150.00

How to teach yourself Power Para Gliding:

Video - Basic Learning

Learning the basics of flying PPG (Power Para Gliding)

Being Careful - Scams!

More Learning

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