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For Members of Artists 4 Humanity - Locations:
Mercedes, Southern Leite - Jazzies Gardens Oasis


All Leased.
Not Available
Sun Valley Gardens Oasis - Sun Valley, AZ just few miles from the interstate, next to petrified forest park. About 6000 ft above the sea level. Free Camping
Sanders Gardens Oasis - Sanders, AZ True quiet place on high plateau off interstate hwy 40. Free Camping

All Leased.
Not Available
3 Mining Claims (El Dorado County). About 2000-3000 ft above sea level, Mine your gold and precious stones. Keep all you find. Recreational prospecting and mining only. Free Camping at mountain river where you can prospect, mine and enjoy the nature. Order your Mining Adventure

All Leased - not available
Precious stones mining claim. One of the best in Colorado. High at the top of a mountain. High Elevation, Spring to Fall. Winter time is snowy. Free Camping. Orders.

Gardens Oasis - Venice, FL
Have you ever camp on an island? Kayak or boat is needed to get here but it is in Venice area.
Gardens Oasis - Plantation Island, FL
The most remote yet 10 minutes on kayak from Plantation Island small town or 45 minutes from Everglades City. Very Unique place on the southern tip of Everglades - Florida. This is the most exotic place in Florida.
Gardens Oasis - Punta Gorda
Right off interstate 75. Make it your base for your boat or kayaks. Inland location makes it safe in any weather condition.
La Harpe, IL - great 3 story, historical building being renovated.Volunteers members and investors are needed.
All volunteers and investors get part of this project - 20-30 arts studios / Galleries will be available after renovation. Reserve your art studio / Gallery now.

All Leased.
Not Available
Mining Claim in Souther Oregon close to California State line and Pacific ocean. This mining claim is one of the best. Keep your gold and minerals. Free Camping. Orders.

Texas Desert Gardens Oasis, Lobo, TX
Our Main Desert Garden Oasis. This is the best Texas can offer. Private, small canyon, great hiking at the mountains next to our gardens. Biking, Motocross, Hang Gliding for the beginners and much more...
Green Valley, Lobo, TX
10 Acres available close to paved road. No neighbors, quiet and cozy to camp here. Free Camping.
Gardens Oasis - Presidio, TX
Great place to stay and explore South West Texas. Free Camping and great location. Under Development.

Terlingua, TX - most remote and exotic Desert Gardens Oasis in Texas. If you are looking for good adventure - this is the place to go.

All Leased - not available
Topaz Mining Claim. True topaz stones can be found here. A lot of the Topaz has very good quality. Keep all your findings. Free Camping. Orders.

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Coming Up Locations:

Jamaica - Pure Jamaica's Gardens. Honduras - Caribbean Coast Gardens.

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