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  Topaz Utah Mining Claim
You can order to stay and mine at our mining claims in beautiful Utah. Keep all you find.
All our 20 acres of mining Claim show precious stones with one of the bigest concentrations of Topaz. There were large finds on all of the mining claims areas and serious treasure hunters come here to look for large pieces of Topaz needed for scientific work. When you hit the topaz stones you get amount of electricity.
Keep all minerals you find - recreational mining and prospecting only. All holes has to be leveled after every use. No holes deeper than 4 feet due to safety. No chemicals use under any circumstances. All natural, old fashion prospecting and mining. Dredging here requires permit, No washing of banks. Small mining equipment is allowed. You need camping equipment. There are no facilities, power or any other ammenities.

Stay on mining claim, Topaz Mine at 20 acres in Utah - $160.00 per person - 1 week. Children are free. There are treasure waiting to be discovered as this mine is not explored in large extent and you have chance to find big discovery.
Gardens Oasis Recreational Mining and camping at Topaz Mine - Utah - $160.00/person/week. OR CYBER METAL CASH  CMC OR REGULAR PAYMENT
1 Year at one mining claim in Colorado - $2700.00
1 Year stay at Gardens Oasis mining claim at Topaz Mine, Utah - $2700.00 / person.
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