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Mercedes, Southern Leite, Jazzies Gardens Oasis

Jazzies Gardens Oasis
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Sleep in your tent at coconut farm.

Great Time at the beach! Clean and far away from any city!
Ride Bicycles all over the place!

Fishing at local beach and surrounding islands.
All you need is fisshing poles...The fishing is like no other place!
Get wake up by the roosters!

Beach escapes - kayaking to close by islands and San Juan Island.

Overnight stay at San Juan Island and other small islands next to the beach.

Fire cooking of your fish catched at local beach and island.
This part of Philippines is one of the best ecological wonders of the world. This is our eco mini farm! That is wher you can camp - See our gallery
Staying here give you chance to eat fresh mangos, cocoa beans, coffee beans and green coffee known to lower your overweight. With more exercise you will loose weight!
You can come here from Manila - two days trip by bus that will take you over two islands, ferry and one of the longest bridges in the world.
Local trips to Silago and other sourounding small towns full of interesting people and fabulous restaurants.
From Manila you can book bus to Silago.
From Silago it is about 15 minutes to Mecedes.
Our Place is close to Mercedes.
We will email you detail directions.
You will be going to Sitio Kawayan.
One week vacation will take you away from your stress into paradise...:).

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