Desert Garden Oasis
Designed by Ted Jec. in 2000.
One of the Most Unique Gardens Oasis in South West of USA
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.Desert Gardens OasisGardens Oasis - South WestTree in Texas by Ted Jec
Lobo, Texas,
Available to Members of Artists 4 Humanity.
Location and Driving Directions to Green Valley Acres, Unit 19, Parcel 6 - 40 Acres called Desert Gardens Oasis:

For Google Earth Satellite View please use these coordinates:
NW Corner  30 45' 6.00" N     104 48' 21.59" W        NE Corner 30 45' 6.00 N   104 48' 6.46"
SW Corner 30 44' 52.93" N    104 48' 21.59" W    SE Corner 30 44' 52.93   104 48" 6.46" W

From Van Horn, ( Interstate 10, Exit 140A), take US Hwy 90E and go 17.8 miles.
At 30 47' 46.11" N and 104 44' 36.16" W, turn right onto Ranch Road 1523 and go 2.6 miles.
At 30 47' 45.37" N and 104 47' 14.08 W turn left onto FM 2017 / Ranch Road 2017 and go 2.2 miles.

At 30 45' 51.84 N and 104 46' 57.57" W turn right onto the dirt road. Sanches rd. See the head on the left - it is our location.
713 feet later take the road that bends to the left about 45 degrees, not the left turn that would be a 90 degree turn.

Keep going until the road goes slightly to the left - right goes to our neighbor Dave' house.
When you see higher bushes on the left - this is 90 turn up the hill to Desert Gardens Oasis - it goes directly to the gate -  about 0.25 mile. You will see the white Camping tailer from our manager. If you have your own lease or short rental - you have the code to our gate. Follow the direction to your garden.
Enjoy the Valley, Gardens and pristine, quiet, safe and magical place on Earth!
General Map

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